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DeMolays Support Katrina Victims

demolPilgrim Chapter's Master Councilor Benjamin McGarry (right) presents State Master Councilor Alex Fizz (left) with a check in the amount of $150.00 for the Masonic Service Association Disaster Relief Fund.

The Order of DeMolay shares many of the values and teachings that are embraced and practiced by Freemasons, including benevolence and charitable outreach. In the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina, DeMolay Grand Master "Dad" Jeff A. Chretien asked that all DeMolay Chapters, members and advisors come to the support of those impacted by the devastation of the hurricane by making donations to the Masonic Service Association Disaster Relief Fund. In making the request, he noted that "the opportunity for DeMolay Service has presented its calling, brethren, and we are of the nature, and duty, to accept this call."

Upon receiving the request from the DeMolay Grand Master, "Dad" Thomas R. Labagh, Executive Officer of Pennsylvania DeMolay, immediately responded by contacting the DeMolay Chapters requesting their support of this important charitable endeavor, encouraging a contribution from Chapter funds, or by taking up a collection, or by conducting a special fund raiser.

The response has been heartwarming and sixteen Chapters have already responded, donating a total of $2,620.00 to the MSA Disaster Relief Fund. Several other Chapters are engaged in fundraising efforts with the proceeds promised to the fund.

"Dad" Labagh additionally contacted each of the DeMolay Legion of Honor holders in Pennsylvania, reminding them that they each pledged to "always heed the call of service in any field of endeavor" and that they would "never shirk the responsibility of citizenship."

These Legionnaires have responded with contributions totaling $1,750.00, bringing the total donated from the Pennsylvania DeMolay Family to $4,370.00.

While supporting the efforts of the MSA Disaster Relief Fund, the DeMolay Chapter have continued to support the Pennsylvania DeMolay State Charity: the Scottish Rite Learning Centers for Children through fundraising efforts, proving that the young men of the Order of DeMolay are taking seriously the importance of benevolence and charitable outreach, understanding that supporting charitable causes is an important element of being a part of the community.

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