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Recommended Reading from the Library
bookCathy Giaimo, Assistant Librarian

The Library recently received a follow-up to Rev. Neville B. Cryer's "I Just Didn't Know That" entitled " Did You Know This, Too?" Much like his earlier book this includes fourteen lectures that he has given over the years on the diverse topics of Freemasonry and English Freemasonry in particular.

The first chapter is "The Church's involvement with Freemasonry" and Rev. Cryer recounts how he first got involved with Freemasonry as a newly ordained minister in the Church of England. He then goes on to discuss how over the years dutiful masons were also faithful members of their churches and served both organizations with integrity and also manages to cover briefly the anti-Masonic bend of some clerics.

In the chapter entitled "The Geneva Bible and its contribution to the development of English ritual" he gives a history lesson of the English Bible and the evidence he has found of similar terms found in the Geneva Bible and the early English Masonic rituals.

book1Indeed Rev. Cryer approaches subjects from women and Freemasonry, the history Huguenot Freemasons, the different origins of Scottish and English Freemasonry to discussing the Third Degree with the authority of one with sixty years of Masonic experience and curiosity needed for research.

Perhaps the last chapter describes Rev. Cryer's philosophy best, "Is there anything more to research?" There are thousands of books written by well-known and obscure authors on Freemasonry over the years and it would appear that all topics have been exhausted.

What one needs to do is "think about what you hear, read, see and talk about" and more topics make themselves available than there is time to write. "Did You Know This, Too?" and other books by Rev. Cryer are available to borrow from the Library.

Pennsylvania Masons interested in borrowing any of the books that have been reviewed in the past can go to the "circulating library" link and follow the steps to borrow. If you have any questions or don't have a computer at hand please call 215-988-1933 and we will be glad to help you with any questions you may have.

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