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wreathMasonic Blood Donor Club Donations Needed
by Norman A. Fox, President

I am pleased to advise you that our Blood Mobile at the Masonic Village (Elizabethtown) on Autumn Day produced over 100 donors. These donations will assure a continuing blood supply for all those who need blood replacement at the Villages. Thanks to all who participated in making this an outstanding effort.

We are able to achieve these kinds of successes because we have the support of yours and other Lodges. Will your Lodge please continue to help us accomplish our goals?

Volunteers perform all the work of the club. We pay no salaries. Funds donated are used to pay for newspaper advertising, posters and direct mail promotions to attract blood donors in your local community. Financial support is given to neighborhood blood collection agencies. Donations are made to the American Red Cross for disaster relief. We also give financial support and encourage the good works of the Organ Donor Program. Your support makes it possible for the club to extend membership, without the usual blood donation, to every widow of a Pennsylvania Mason. Please continue to send us the widows' information every time a Brother dies. We also send her name and address to the Pennsylvania Freemason for a free subscription. What a great way to show these ladies that MASONS CARE.

The club supplies all replacement blood needed for residents of our Masonic Villages. Your donation is greatly appreciated. Please mail your check to: Masonic Blood Donor Club, C/O Masonic Temple, One North Broad Street, Philadelphia, Pa. 19107.

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