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St. Alban Lodge No. 529 Presents Scholarships

asc15From left to right: Dr. Joan Frizzel (receiving for her daughter Virginia Scharf), Andrea Dohrman, Scott Rutter, Aimee Hale, Joseph A. Fletcher, III, W. M., Amber Derry, Jennie Rule (receiving for her granddaughter Tara Rule), Jennifer Dickinson, and Thomas Swan (receiving for his grandson Ryan Swan).

At the June Stated Meeting, St. Alban Lodge No. 529 held its Senior Warden's Night and Strawberry Festival. One of the highlights of this annual event is the presentation of scholarships by the Worshipful Master to eligible children and grandchildren of St. Alban Lodge members.

This year the Scholarship Committee recommended the approval of 16 scholarships to such applicants. The scholarships are given annually and are funded from proceeds of the William H. Stewart and Mary Stewart Scholarship Fund which was a bequest to the Lodge by Brother Stewart. Eligible recipients can receive a lifetime maximum of $1,500 towards their undergraduate studies.

Since the inception of the fund, the Lodge has presented over $72,800 to children and grandchildren of Lodge members, easing some of the burden of the cost of undergraduate higher education.

In order to continue providing significant assistance to eligible children and grandchildren of Lodge members, the St. Alban Lodge Scholarship Committee has recommended and the Brethren have approved a change to the by-laws of the fund for 2006 that will allow the Lodge to increase the lifetime maximum to $2,500 for those recipients who receive scholarships beginning with 2006.

Those receiving scholarships but not able to attend the presentations were: Christopher Cleaver, Diana Costello, Jennifer DeLuca, Kimberly Dickenson, Chad Flores, Stephen Phillips, Nina Ranieri and Andrew Reilly.

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