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The R.W. Grand Treasurer is Marvin G. Speicher, of Robesonia, a senior partner in the certified public accounting firm of Schulze, Speicher and Co., with offices in Pottsville and Reading. He also is a member of the Regional Board of First Union Bank. He is a graduate of the Reading Business Institute, the Cades C.P.A. School, and Gross C.P.A. School.

Bro. Speicher served Williamson Lodge No. 307, Womelsdorf, as Worshipful Master in 1976 and served ten years as the D.D.G.M. of the 60th Masonic District. He was elected R.W. Grand Treasurer in 1989. Prior to that, he was a member of the Grand Lodge Sub-Committee on Audits and today he chairs the Masonic Homes Financial Sub-Committee. He is a member of all of the York Rite Bodies in Reading, where he is a Past Sovereign of Constantine Conclave of Knights of the Red Cross of Constantine and is presently the Intendant General for Pennsylvania East of Red Cross of Constantine. He also serves on the Committee on Finance of the Grand Holy Royal Arch Chapter of Pennsylvania. He is a Past Master and Past Secretary of Excelsior Mark Lodge No. 216, Philadelphia. Bro. Speicher is a Sovereign Grand Inspector General, 33º, in the Ancient Accepted Scottish Rite. He is a member of the four Scottish Rite bodies of the Valley of Reading, where he served as the Thrice Potent Master of Reading Lodge of Perfection in 1991-92.

William Slater II, R.W. Deputy Grand Master
Ronald A. Aungst, Sr., R.W. Senior Grand Warden
Stephen Gardner, R.W. Junior Grand Warden
Donald L. Albert, R.W. Grand Secretary