Unified and strengthened by the Pennsylvania Shrine Association, Shriners across the state are diligent in helping others pursue better lifestyles. Through the Shriners Hospital Crusade, the combined efforts of Shrine Masons in the seven Shrine Temples in Pennsylvania have contributed an average of more than $200,000 a year since 1983 to the Shriners Hospitals Endowment Fund. In addition, the state association supports and strengthens the Pennsylvania Youth Foundation of the Grand Lodge of Pennsylvania and the Order of DeMolay.

shrnass2The idea for a state organization of Shrine Temples was presented at a meeting in Jaffa Temple, Altoona, in 1921, then came to fruition the next year in Harrisburg. F. Foster Heller of Irem Temple, Dallas, was the first President and Frederick J. Smith, Zembo Temple, Harrisburg, the first Secretary-Treasurer. Today, the President is Robert R. Yeager, Jr., the Potentate of Rajah Temple, Reading; 1st Vice President, Jeffrey B. Stephenson, Assistant Rabban, Zem Zem Temple, Erie; 2nd Vice President, Benjamin F. Kensinger, High Priest and Prophet, Jaffa Temple; Secretary-Treasurer, Lee R. Hockenberry, Irem Temple; and Assistant Secretary, Dale W. Woomer, Jaffa Temple.