Visit any of the Masonic Homes of the Grand Lodge of Pennsylvania, and you will experience the vision embraced by each community. Turning this vision into reality is a journey, which may best be measured through the embodiment of Masonic Homes' Mission of Love Values:

Quality of Life
mhbulletAdult residents of the Masonic Homes at Elizabethtown's Residential/Respite Cottage, who have varying degrees of mental retardation, focus on their abilities rather than their limitations by holding jobs, volunteering, establishing meaningful relationships, and living their lives to the fullest.
mh2mhbulletWhile nursing and assisted living residents in long-term care communities across the nation reportedly suffer from loneliness, helplessness, and boredom, the Eden Alternative philosophy, embraced by residents and staff at every Masonic Homes location, replaces these feelings with variety, spontaneity, and companionship.
mhbulletThe Adult Daily Living Center at Elizabethtown offers its program participants a stimulating environment where they may receive social and medical support while participating in rewarding and enjoyable activities and programs.
mhbulletThe Mourning Star program at the Masonic Homes at Elizabethtown, comprised of resident and community volunteers, ensures that bereavement services are offered to residents in their final hours, as well as to those experiencing grief over the loss of a loved one.

mh3Respect for the Individual
mhbulletSenior residents at all Masonic Homes locations are encouraged to participate in resident councils and are provided other means of making important decisions regarding their care and the services they receive. In turn, many resident groups have identified ways that they can serve and care for others. For example, some residents serve as tutors, mentors, or as adoptive grandparents for young children; others have raised funds for charitable causes; and many more volunteer in various capacities to serve others in their communities.
mhbulletThe youth growing up at the Masonic Children's Home in Elizabethtown are encouraged to realize their potential through academics, athletics, volunteerism, leadership opportunities, and other interests. Scholarships and continuous support provided through the benevolence of the Fraternity offer these young people opportunities to pursue higher education or trade specialties so that they can become productive citizens.

mh5Quality Service
mhbulletThe Masonic Outreach Program offers information, education, referrals and home assistance to friends within the Family of Freemasonry as well as to individuals and families throughout the United States.
mhbulletPart of the mission of the Masonic Eastern Star Home-East is to serve individuals in Philadelphia County who are day-one Medicaid recipients. The home consistently provides quality nursing and assisted living services for seniors with skill and compassion.
mhbulletIn November, residents and staff of the Masonic Eastern Star Home-West transferred to the Masonic Village at Sewickley's Star Points Building. The two homes have formed one family dedicated to providing for the retirement, assisted living, health care, and rehabilitation needs of Freemasons and others in the Sewickley Valley.

mh6These are just a few examples of how the vision of the Masonic Homes is visible in those whom we serve--for as people reach their personal goals, they are able to help others realize their potential for excellence. This is a chain reaction, which perpetuates our Mission of Love.

Visit any of our Masonic Homes-- at Elizabethtown, Sewickley, or Warminster-- and you will see for yourself the real life achievements attained as we continue to pursue our vision. Excellence is defined not by finances or facades, but by the attitudes, smiles, care, and love that we share with one another.

For more information about any of the programs or services listed above, or to learn more about how you can help us achieve our vision, please contact:

mh4Masonic Homes at Elizabethtown
mhbulletAdmissions and Resident Services (Residential Living, Assisted Living, Health Care Services) (800) 422-1207
mhbulletRetirement Living Marketing Office (800) 676-6452
mhbulletMasonic Children's Home (717) 367-1121, extension 33301
mhbulletResidential/Respite Cottage (717) 367-1121, extension 33751
mhbulletAdult Daily Living Center (717) 361-5353
mhbulletOutreach Program (800) 4-MASONIC

Masonic Eastern Star Home-East
mhbulletAdmissions (Assisted Living and Health Care Services) (215) 672-2500

Masonic Village at Sewickley
mhbulletAdmissions (Assisted Living, Health Care and Rehabilitative Services) (412) 741-1400
mhbulletRetirement Living (866) 872-0664

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