The Office of Gift Planning of the Masonic Homes is located in the Freemason Cultural Center at the Elizabethtown Campus. The primary mission of the Office of Gift Planning is to provide information to our members and donors about opportunities that are available to assist in the "Mission of Love" of the Masonic Homes.

Opportunities to give are provided in two major ways.

First, it is the responsibility of the Office of Gift Planning to communicate to the members and interested individuals about the many activities, programs, and needs of the Masonic Homes that are available for funding. By communicating such "Opportunities to Give" to our members and individual donors, gifts can be made to preserve, extend, and support the Masonic Homes' many charitable activities in its mission to provide the highest quality continuum care to its residents and valuable services to our friends in the community through our Outreach, Adult Day Care, Children's and Respite services.

help2Secondly, the Office of Gift Planning provides customized support for individuals interested in contributing to this mission. This support can be in the form of assisting an individual in making a current gift to support the Masonic Homes through a gift of cash, securities, or through a memorial or honorary contribution. Individual plans are also developed for making gifts that provide income to contributors for life or a period of time with the remaining funds at death or expiration of the time period being contributed towards the Masonic Homes mission. Such plans can include a gift annuity, pooled income fund, or charitable remainder trust.

For the year 2002, the Office of Gift Planning will emphasize two new programs with the support of the new Right Worshipful Grand Master, Marvin A. Cunningham, Sr. These programs include the formation of a new recognition society for those individuals who have provided the ultimate gift of remembering the Masonic Homes in their estate plans. This society, known as the "Franklin Society," provides an ongoing way for the Masonic Homes to say "thank you" to such individuals and provide them with the opportunity to be part of a group that has similar interests. Members of this society will receive valuable information about the Masonic Homes and will be invited to special events held throughout the year.

help3The second major initiative for 2002 involves communicating specific opportunities to give to the Masonic Homes and its many charitable services. Interested individuals will receive a regular communication of those items and/or programs that need assistance or funding. The Office of Gift Planning will work in a confidential, personal, and individual manner with interested individuals to prepare a customized plan for funding such opportunities to give and receiving proper recognition, if desired.

The Office of Gift Planning also plans to hold gatherings throughout the Commonwealth to discuss these opportunities to give with individual and lodge leadership.

For more information on Office of Gift Planning programs and the opportunities to give to the Masonic Homes "Mission of Love," please contact either Bros. Alvin H. Blitz or John R. McFadden at 1-800-599-6454 or click here for a printable coupon, complete and return.


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