Masonic leaders from lodges throughout Pennsylvania are attending a series of Conductor seminars again this fall. The seminars are a continuation of the Overture series for "Membership Development Through Excellence in Leadership."

The seminars this fall are aimed at helping lodge leaders understand the importance of enrolling their new members and stemming losses from suspension and resignations ­ a recurring problem in Pennsylvania and elsewhere.

"We believe that our newest members are our customers, too, and we must give them the same care and attention any new customer deserves in order to reinforce and support their decision to join," said G. Kent Hackney, Deputy Chief of Staff for the Grand Lodge of Pennsylvania.

The Conductor Seminars are based upon the results of a 1998 survey among recent new members.

Special Programs Help

The participants in the fall seminars have three new programs available to help them and their lodge. One of the most interesting is called "ComPak," a selection of 20 of the most frequently used correspondence from a lodge to a member for most occasions from the first time he hears from the lodge to special holiday greetings and other communications he would receive as a Master Mason. Every lodge in Pennsylvania will receive "ComPak" letters and instructions on how to use it.

"ProjectPak" is another helpful package for lodge leaders. "ProjectPak" includes information and step-by-step directions on how to complete a project successfully in the lodge using traditional project management skills and procedures. "Project management as a methodology has been around for years and we felt that Masons could benefit from understanding it," said Bro. Hackney.

"MemberPak" is a guide for lodge leaders designed to help them plan, design, and develop strategies for new members to increase satisfaction and reduce losses due to suspension and other factors.

According to R.W. Grand Master James L. Ernette, "We feel that the second fall Conductor Seminar on Lodge Management really rounds out the leadership and management development skills of the leaders of lodges participating. As a result, I feel we have in place a core group of nearly 1,200 men who know what's right, know what to do, have the materials, and have been exposed to ways to use them more effectively." Grand Master Ernette concluded, "From here we must move to embed these behaviors in every lodge. Because the leaders do change every year, we must continue this initiative until such time as we have 'institutionalized' effective leadership in our lodges to the point that a man who becomes a Mason in Pennsylvania not only sees quality leadership first-hand, but also has the opportunity to learn these skills for himself as a benefit of joining."

There are two Conductor Seminars remaining in Pennsylvania at the dates and places below. Any lodge interested in attending one of the Conductor Seminars may do so by contacting David Meachen in the Office of the Grand Master in Philadelphia. Call (215) 988-1924.

Nov. 13
Wilkes-Barre (Woodland Inn)

Nov. 20
Harrisburg (Harrisburg Marriott)

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