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As the Masonic Matching Charity Grants program nears the climax of another successful year, Pennsylvania Freemasons can be proud that our Brotherhood has touched thousands of lives since the program's inception.

This year, as of Sept. 10, the Program has assisted lodges in providing more than $800,000 to charitable causes throughout the Commonwealth. The program has matched approximately 655 grant requests from nearly 300 lodges. There have been 41 Masonic districts with at least 50% participation from lodges and the 11 lodges of the 1st Masonic District can be proud to be the only District with 100% participation at this time.

PARTICIPATION is the key for making your lodge more visible in the community, lodge members more involved in the affairs of the lodge, and Freemasonry known throughout the Commonwealth as a fraternity that truly takes good men and makes them better. If your lodge has yet to participate in the Masonic Matching Charity Grants program, it's not too late.

Status reports and the types of lodge programs can be found on the Pennsylvania Grand Lodge website <<>>. All applications and questions are to be sent to the Masonic Matching Charity Grants Committee in the offices of the Pennsylvania Youth Foundation, Elizabethtown. For further information on the Matching Charity Grants program click here.

These are a few of the wonderful stories that Matching Charity Grants helped to write
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