Three Made Mason-at-Sight


With an honor guard of troopers standing at ease, Anthony J. Garvey (center), Chief of Staff of the Grand Lodge, flanked by Lt. Col. George P. March, P.M. (left), and Lt. Col. Thomas K. Coury (right), both Deputy Commissioners of the Pennsylvania State Police, await the arrival of Col. Paul J. Evanko, Commissioner.


On Aug. 22, in the presence of the Right Worshipful Grand Master James L. Ernette, three distinguished members of the Pennsylvania State Police were made Masons-at-Sight in the Masonic Temple, Philadelphia. They are: Colonel Paul J. Evanko, Commissioner of the Pennsylvania State Police; Lieutenant Colonel Joseph H. Westcott, Deputy Commissioner; and Trooper Roberto Soto.

Corinthian Hall was filled to capacity, including more than a hundred brethren who are troopers and municipal law enforcement officers.

The brethren who served as the conferring Worshipful Masters were: Entered Apprentice Mason's Degree, Trooper Edward J. Lizewski; Fellowcraft Mason's Degree, Trooper Charles J. McBreen; and Master Mason's Degree, Lt. Col. George P. March, P.M.

The brethren of the Pennsylvania State Police Masonic Degree Team who participated in conferring the three degrees are pictured above with the R.W. Grand Lodge Officers and the new Masons. They are (listed alphabetically): James J. Carey; Thomas K. Coury; Walter C. Ditzler, P.M.; Gerald Eaton, J.D.; David W. Escalet; Patrick Foy, J.W.; Bruce Gaton; Stephen S. Heitz; George F. Himmelright, Jr.; Edward M. Kauffman, S.W.; Edward J. Lizewski, J.W.; George P. March, P.M.; Douglas Martin; Charles J. McBreen, J.D.; Charles L. McBreen, P.M.; Carl E. Mease; Kevin M. Organtini; John G. Richards; Phillip Rickert, J.W.; Robert Robbins, W.M.; James J. Schultz; Vaughn Schwalm; Louis M. Vittor, P.M.; and Serell I. Ulrich.

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Grand Master Ernette greets the three candidates prior to the opening of Grand Lodge (l-r): Lt. Col. Joseph H. Westcott, Col. Paul J. Evanko, and Trooper Roberto Soto.


Grand Master Ernette (center) is joined (at left) by Deputy Commissioners Lt. Col. Coury and Lt. Col. March to congratulate (at right) Col. Evanko and Lt. Col. Westcott.