Masonic Education
Masonic Education on the Move

Edward H. Fowler, Jr., R.W.P.G.M., Chairman, Masonic Education Steering Committee, said that each lodge should have, and should be using, the the pre-initiation videotape, "I've heard the name; what does it mean?" It is a great educational tool to inform candidates and their families about Freemasonry and what Freemasons do.

It is also an excellent vehicle for a Committee on Inquiry to provide answers to questions and generate meaningful discussions. The committee is in the process of completing a laminated instruction card to use with the video, which will be forwarded to each lodge. The committee would appreciate your constructive feedback after the materials are reviewed.

Other videos which have been produced by the Masonic Renewal Committee of North America are being reviewed. At the same time, they are looking into the possibility of developing a series of candidate teaching tools to be used in connection with the existing booklets. This will have a positive effect on those who are entering the Fraternity, helping to make them better prepared for their initiation and subsequent membership.

The Committee expected the "Speakers Booklet" to be available for distribution to the lodges by the end of October. As the result of Grand Lodge's Web Page, requests are anticipated for Masonic speakers at non-Masonic functions. Those speakers who do not wish to participate in this assignment are so noted in the booklet. In addition, the following booklets are being updated: "Masonic Questions and Answers," "The Making of a Mason," (to cover the use of the pre-initiate video), and "The Masonic Education Handbook."

Special thanks go to those who stepped forward to serve as Regional, District, or Lodge Chairmen of Masonic Education. Each represents the "eyes and ears" of the Masonic Education Steering Committee throughout the Commonwealth and is the link between the subordinate lodge and the candidate. It is the lodges' duty to inform every candidate sufficiently to result in their being more informed and active Masons, as well as potential lodge officers.

Seven Regional Masonic Education Seminars are being planned for 1999. All will be one-day sessions on Saturdays, tentatively planned for: Region 1, Mar. 13; Region 3, Mar. 27; Region 6, Apr. 10; Region 5, Apr. 24; Region 4, May 8; Region 2, May 15; and Region 7, May 29. Locations for the seminar will be announced later.