The Masonic Blood Donor Club of Pennsylvania reissued handy references about the coverage, membership requirements, and procedures.

COVERAGE is for the Mason, his spouse, and all of his children. There are no geographic limits nor on the number of units of blood.

MEMBERSHIP REQUIREMENTS are simple. It is open to all Pennsylvania Freemasons and to members of Pennsylvania women's groups that have a Masonic affiliation as a requisite for their membership. Write to the Secretary, 408 Cooper Ct., Cinnaminson, NJ 08077. Widows of all Pennsylvania Freemasons are covered automatically upon application, without the required one unit of blood. There is no monetary obligation for membership.

WHAT TO DO WHEN BLOOD IS NEEDED: Inform the hospital that the patient is a member of the Masonic Blood Club of Pennsylvania (that is normally all that is needed). If the hospital bills for the blood, do not pay for the units. The patient is responsible for the cost of administering of the blood, not the blood, itself. The administering costs are normally covered by insurance.

Contact the Secretary of the Blood Club (his address is on the membership card) and give him the date of the procedure, name of the patient and place where the procedure was done, plus any other pertinent information. The Secretary will arrange to have the required units of blood replaced.

If another bill is received showing the same charges, it can be ignored because there may have been an overlap in billing cycles. If more bills are received, call the Secretary of the Blood Club for follow-up.

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