55th District Charities Races

55th District racerOn Saturday, Aug. 29, the 55th Masonic District, strongly supported by its lodges, participated in the fifth annual Pittsburgh Arthritis Foundation Mini-Grand Prix Race. There were winners on the track, in the pits and behind the scenes, but, the real winners were the 52,000 people in the Pittsburgh area suffering from arthritis.

It took three races totaling 35 laps and eight hours of competitions, superb driving and stellar pit crew work to settle the issue on the track. Although not "official" race winners in the event, the Masons of the 55th District were awarded first place for fund-raising.

55th District Racer

Donald M. Murphy, D.D.G.M., reported, "Through the generous contributions from the lodges and the Grand Lodge Matching Grants Program, $3,750 were contributed to this worthy cause. That first place award made the day extra worthwhile for everyone. I would like to thank the lodges of the district. Once more, it has been proven that when Freemasons go hand-in-hand with unanimity, success generally crowns their efforts."

The brethren in the pit crew tune up the 55th Masonic District entry in the Pittsburgh Arthritis Mini-Grand Prix Race.

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