Volume LIXNovember 2012Number 4

Lebanon Masons Celebrate New Building

On June 24, the new Lebanon Masonic building at 499 South 14th Avenue opened its doors to more than 200 people. Some were fellow brethren, visiting the new lodge for the first time, and others were family, friends and community members coming to show interest and support. This three-hour open house was a collaborative effort between Mt. Lebanon Lodge No. 226 and Mt. Olivet Lodge No. 704, with Worshipful Masters Travis C. Hossler and John H. Doebling, respectively.

During guided tours, speakers explained the function of the lodge room and gave detailed information about the building's overall design and layout. Children enjoyed bouncers, face painting, spin art and clowns. After browsing tables featuring various Masonic branches, visitors were able to enjoy live music with food, refreshments and an array of desserts. Local fire companies were on site to speak to the guests and demonstrate several of their new pieces of equipment.

The day was a huge success, not only bringing the Masonic family closer, but also showing the temple's neighbors what the fraternity and its branches have to offer. The day would not have been possible without the assistance of men and women in various Masonic bodies, some of whom met in person for the first time that day. It was inspiring to feel the positive atmosphere fill the new building.

Table Lodges a Success in District 1

All of the lodges in District 1 were asked to hold a Table Lodge during 2012. R.W. Grand Master Jay W. Smith attended Columbia Lodge No. 286's Table Lodge on June 7. After the stated meeting, more than 75 members and visitors retired to the banquet hall for the Table Lodge, conducted properly with a meal and three toasts.

Each lodge in the district that has held a Table Lodge to date saw increased member attendance and participation.

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