Volume LIXNovember 2012Number 4

Grand Master's, Master Builders & Membership Awards

R.W. Grand Master Jay W. Smith encourages individual blue lodges to strive to attain the Grand Master's Award. The criteria are listed below.

In addition, he is continuing the first-line signer necktie award, as well as additional awards based on the number of petitions submitted for first-line signers.

Finally, he has established a Master Builders Award, an incentive for newly raised Master Masons to take an active role in their lodges.

If you require additional information or have any questions regarding any of these programs, please contact your District Deputy Grand Master for assistance.

Grand Master's Award Program

The Grand Master's Award will be presented to any lodge attaining a point value of 200 or more utilizing the below listed criteria and point values:

10% or greater membership increase20
or a 5%-9% membership increase 10
Year end with no suspensions 20
or year end with <2% suspensions 10
Active use of the Mentor Program 20
Help for our Heroes donations >$100/year 10
Lodge adopts a resident at a Masonic Village or other nursing community: 10
Community Service Project approved by the D.D.G.M.
(2 points/month, 10 max) 10
Lodge attendance at stated meetings increase over previous year 15
Lodge attendance at extra meetings increase over previous year 15
Attendance at Secretary seminar 5
Attendance at Wardens seminar (5 for S.W. & 5 for J.W.) 10
Lodge conducts a fellowship event (picnic, banquet, ladies night, etc.) 10
Audit & trustee reports completed on time (based on D.D.G.M. deadline) 10
Officers attendance at School of Instruction (min. of 5 officers once/month for 8 months) 10
Officers attendance at Regional School of Instruction (min. of 5 officers) 10
Minimum of 10 lodge members attend a district-wide fellowship event 10
Minimum of 10 lodge members visit a lodge within the district (stated or extra meeting) 10
All chairs filled for upcoming year by October stated meeting of current year 10
Conduct a minimum of one fellowship event inviting widows free of charge 10
Conduct a lodge blood drive or assist in a district-wide blood drive 10
Lodge's Representative attendance at each Quarterly Communication (5 pts/meeting) 10
A minimum lodge donation of $250 to the Grand Lodge Library & Museum 15
Lodge conducts one CHIP event 5
First line signer on one petition Grand Master's Necktie
First line signer of five petitions Masonic Jacket
First line signer of 10 petitions Gold Masonic Wrist Watch
Master Builders Award Program
A three-part program of education and fellowship for newly raised Master Masons:
Part 1: Mentor Program - An internet-based learning program
Part 2: Masonic History - An internet-based learning program
Part 3: A personal adventure in Masonic fellowship and learning

To complete the Master Builders Program and attain the Grand Master's Achievement Recognition Award, the newly made Master Mason must satisfactorily complete Parts 1 and 2 through the internet-based learning programs provided through the Grand Lodge and fulfill mandatory and voluntary requirements of Part 3 within one year of being raised.

Mandatory Requirements:
  1. Attend a stated meeting of your home lodge.
  2. Attend an extra meeting of your home lodge.
  3. Attend at least one meeting of another lodge in your district.
  4. Serve as greeter for one of your lodge's stated meetings.
  5. Attend an Official Visitation of the D.D.G.M. within your district.
  6. Attend at least one of your lodge's fellowship events.
  7. Assist in a fundraising event held by your lodge (if applicable).
  8. Completion of your blue lodge's Mentor Program as required by the Grand Lodge of Pennsylvania's Education Committee.
  9. Attend a youth group meeting within your district or region.
  10. Assist the Secretary or other members in contacting members in danger of being suspended to discuss with them what you believe to be the benefits of their Masonic membership.
Fulfill at Least Three of the Voluntary Criteria:
  1. Participate in a degree conferred by your lodge.
  2. Be the first line signer on a petition for membership in your lodge.
  3. Contact a brother who has not attended lodge in the last six months and invite him to accompany you to the next stated meeting. (The brother must accept and attend in order for this criterion to be completed.)
  4. Assume responsibility for arranging a Masonic Education program for your lodge. This may be done by you or by someone else by your invitation with the Worshipful Master's approval.
  5. Attend a Quarterly Communication of the Grand Lodge of Pennsylvania.
  6. Attend either a stated meeting of The Pennsylvania Lodge of Research or the Academy of Masonic Knowledge.

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