Volume LVNovember 2008Number 4

A New Spirit of Cooperation

A new spirit of cooperation now characterizes the Masonic youth groups, and you will often find DeMolays, Rainbow Girls and Job's Daughters participating in and supporting each other's programs.

In June, Mrs. Helen Snedden, Supreme Deputy for Rainbow, invited the Job's Daughters to attend a weekend Rainbow program at the Patton Campus so the girls could learn more about each other's organizations. In one activity, they created tie-dye t-shirts printed with a logo symbolizing their unity. In another activity, they created the outline of the state of Pennsylvania on the gym floor with masking tape, and then added the locations of their youth groups. To get a better idea of where they were located, all the girls stood on the map in areas close to their home town. (See photo above)

DeMolay officers from the Elizabethtown Chapter drove to Altoona on a Wednesday evening in July to set up disc jockey equipment and to provide a dance for the Rainbow Girls at their Annual Grand Assembly meeting.

The DeMolay Key Man Conference in July brought out some Rainbow Girls and Job's Daughters to participate in an educational version of "Deal or No Deal."

In September, Job's Daughters hosted its annual co-ed flag football tournament with good attendance from both DeMolay and Rainbow. This is one of the most popular social events of the year, including flag football, a fabulous tailgate party and a dance.

Spending time together at Autumn Day, all participants agreed that the synergy of working together will continue to strengthen all the youth groups.

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