Volume LVNovember 2008Number 4

Brotherhood + Sportsmanship=A Winning Combination!

Of course, every team wants to win a race at the Masonic Village Charity Mini Grand Prix. But there are ways to "win" besides taking a trophy home.

The day hadn't gone smoothly for the DeMolay race team. Car No. 9, (numbered to honor Lodge No. 9 for sponsoring the car in every race) blew its engine between the time trials and the Dash for Kids. Rather than let them face an early end to their day, Bro. David Tansy, District Deputy Grand Master for District D, came to the rescue and loaned them a spare engine. He then jumped in and helped the mechanic, DeMolay member Chris Setnar, quickly install it and get the car back on the track. To top it off, while they were lined up in the pit, ready to race, Bro. Tansy told the young men that his District D team had agreed to give them the engine! What a great expression of brotherhood and example of sportsmanship for the young men of DeMolay!

The Masonic fraternity was the big winner that day, thanks to the fraternal spirit shared by the District D racing team and Bro. Tansy. (Click here for more highlights of the event)

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