Volume LVNovember 2008Number 4

Rare "Ahiman Rezon" gifted to Grand Lodge

On April 18, at the 49th Masonic District's 27th Annual Retiring Masters Dinner, Bro. Stephen Gardner, R.W. Grand Master, received a valuable gift on behalf of the Grand Lodge.

After Grand Master Gardner's remarks, Bro. Jeff Biddle, District Deputy Grand Master for District 49, introduced his special guests, Mr. Donald Squibb and his wife, Patricia. Mr. Squibb is not a brother; however, his late father, Bro. Alvah M. Squibb, received the 33°. Mr. Squibb presented his father's "Ahiman Rezon," a first edition of the Constitution of the Grand Lodge of Pennsylvania which was published in 1783. The book is relatively rare, and its estimated value is between $1,000-$2,000.

At the celebration, attended by 110 people, each Past Master from 2007 was honored individually and received a plaque from Grand Master Gardner.

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