Volume LVNovember 2008Number 4

Good Samaritan Lodge Lives Up to its Name

On July 15, Good Samaritan Lodge No. 336, Gettysburg, officially presented the Ranch Trail Commons flagpole and American flag to Carroll Valley's Mayor and Council.

"When we were finishing the first stage of the park project, we realized we had not included a flagpole in the project, so I asked Gettysburg's Masonic lodge for help," said Police Chief Richard L. Hileman, George Washington Lodge No. 143, Chambersburg.

Good Samaritan Lodge members donated $1,000 for the flagpole and placed it in the park next to the parking area.

"After looking at the site, it was clear the flagpole was going to need some landscaping, too," Bro. Victor J. Reale, Secretary of Good Samaritan Lodge, said. The Masons signed on J.C. Services, a landscaping design and installation firm, which donated its landscaping services and all the materials, a value of around $700, to the project.

"The flag obviously has so much meaning for all of us. I am very thankful to the Masons for making sure we had a flag flying over the new park, symbolizing the freedom we all enjoy," Mayor Ron Harris said.

Good Samaritan Lodge has been collaborating with Carroll Valley for several years. In fact, the Gettysburg Masons were back in Carroll Valley on Aug. 5, for National Night Out, a national crime and drug prevention event. The lodge has worked with the police department for the past three years to conduct a Masonic CHIP program. "Their Child ID program has been a core program for Carroll Valley National Night Out since its inception," Chief Hileman said. "It's a terrific program, and they are great to work with."

In four years, the program has processed more than 200 children for free. If an abduction situation arises, the police will have a photograph, video with voice, fingerprints and DNA for each child. "It's a program that definitely enhances the search process in finding a child," Bro. Reale said.

Good Samaritan Lodge certainly lives up to its name and the traditions of Freemasonry!

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