Volume LVNovember 2008Number 4

Congratulations to...

Bro. Thomas W. Jackson, R.W. Past Grand Secretary of the Grand Lodge of Pennsylvania, recently had an annual award sponsored in his name by the Valley of Rochester, A.A.S.R., at the College of Freemasonry on April 5. The Thomas Jackson Award is to be given to someone who has transformed the message of Freemasonry into an educational inspiration with a high impact on society at a state, regional or national level. On April 19, Bro. Jackson was presented the first-ever "The Order of Nat Granstein" award (shown on right) from the National Grand Lodge of Romania for continuous support and promotion of the interest of The National Grand Lodge of Romania within Universal Regular Freemasonry (shown right). On July 5, he received the first-ever "Decoration for Merit" (shown on left) for support of Russian Regular Freemasonry. Bro. Jackson holds Honorary Grand Rank in 23 World Grand Lodges and has received decorations from 26 Grand Lodges.

Bro. John N. Seeton received the "Mason of the Year-2007" award at Norristown Lodge No. 620, in January. Above, left-right: Bro. James D. Seeton (brother), Doylestown Lodge No. 245, Eva Seeton (spouse), John N. Seeton, Jr. (son), Bro. John N. Seeton (honoree), Bro. Mark J. Seeton (son) Lodge No. 45, Pittsburgh, and in front, Lauren R. Seeton (granddaughter).

When Bro. Warren A. Norris, Jr., P.M., H. Stanley Goodwin Lodge No. 648, Bethlehem, learned that his son, Bro. Warren A. Norris, III, now a member of Julian Feild Lodge No. 908, A.F. & A.M. Fort Worth, Texas, was going to become a Master Mason, Bro. Norris wanted to be present for that moment in his son's Masonic life. Bro. Norris made arrangements to have a Lewis Jewel crafted, and on July 6, flew to Fort Worth for the occasion. After the lodge conferred the degree, Bro. Norris was called upon to give the jewel to his son.

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