Volume LVNovember 2008Number 4

36th Masonic District Lodges Unite

According to District Deputy Grand Master of the 36th District, Bro. Ricky L. Swalm, the lodges of District 36 make it a habit to invite each other to their events, including degree work. All the lodges (Chester Lodge No. 236; George Bartram-Paul Sand Lodge No. 298, Media; Prospect Lodge No. 578, Prospect Park; Concord Lodge No. 625, Concordville; Penn Lodge No. 709, Concordville; Lansdowne Lodge No. 711; and Springfield-Hanby Lodge No. 767, Springfield) work well together, enhancing each member's experience. Bro. Swalm keeps lodge officers up to date on events and happenings through a bi-monthly newsletter including inspirational messages encouraging brothers to engage each other in Masonic duties and activities. Two of the district's recent outings included the following:

On May 12, more than 150 brethren of Masonic District 36, along with their ladies and guests, honored members who have served in the ranks of the Masonic fraternity for 50 and 60 years. R.W. Grand Master Stephen Gardner and R.W. Junior Grand Warden Robert Bateman also attended the presentation and dinner, hosted by Bartram-Sand Lodge at the Springfield Masonic Temple.

On June 16, members of the 36th Masonic District traveled by chartered bus to visit and attend the Stated Meeting of Abraham C. Treichler Lodge No. 682, Elizabethtown, as a tribute to members of District 36 lodges who now live at the Masonic Village. After a catered dinner, the Worshipful Masters and members of the 36th Masonic District were welcomed by Bro. Larry Ebersole, W.M., and the officers and members of Treichler Lodge.

According to Masonic protocol, Bro. Noble P. Johnson, District Deputy Grand Master for the 60th Masonic District, introduced Bro. Swalm, who in turn introduced the visiting Worshipful Masters of the 36th Masonic District including Bros. Paul Micun, Chester Lodge; James Standish, George Bartram-Paul Sand Lodge; William Seganti, Concord Lodge; Raymond Bryant, Penn Lodge; and Dean Spangler, Lansdowne Lodge.

During the Stated Meeting, Masonic Service Emblems were presented to two residents of the Masonic Village at Elizabethtown: Bro. Robert C. Tobias, George Bartram Paul Sand Lodge, (50 years) and Bro. John V. Dooley, Chester Lodge, (60 years). Bro. Edward T. Bryant, Chester Lodge, presented the Lewis Jewel to his son, Bro. Raymond Bryant, W.M., Penn Lodge.

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