Volume LIVNovember 2007Number 4

Those Men Who Wear Those Mason Rings

Reprinted with permission by Composer Michael R. Strampe, P.M.,
Lake Lodge No. 189, F.&A.M., Milwaukee, WI
Those Men Who Help My Dad Each Day,
They Wear Those Mason Rings,
A Square and Compass Set in Gold,
The Praise of Which I Sing.

My Dad, He Hurt His Back, You Know,
One Cold and Wintry Day.
He Slipped and Fell Upon the Ice,
The Insurance Would Not Pay.

And Since That Time Those Rings I See
On Hands That Help Us Much,
With Mowing Lawns and Hauling Trash,
Each Day My Heart They Touch.

They Even Built a House for Me
Amid Our Backyard Tree,
Where All the Neighbor Kids Would Play
With Laughter Full of Glee.

My Mom she Cried from Happiness
Each Time the Masons Came,
To Aid Our Family in Distress
Without a Thought of Gain.

And When I'm Big, Just Like My Dad
Of This it Must Be Told,
Want to Wear a Ring Like His-
A Square and Compass Gold.
Long Years Have Passed Since When
My Dad Was in That Plaster Cast,
And Since I Swore That Solemn Oath
Which Unites Us to the Last.

But More Than That I'm Proud to Say
I Wear His Mason Ring
The One Dad Wore for Many Years,
Until His Death This Spring.

And One Last Time His Comrades Came
To Aid My Weeping Mother,
They Praised and Bid a Fond Farewell
To Our Fallen Brother.

And After Which My Son Did Ask
About Their Aprons White,
And of the Rings Upon Their Hands
Of Gold So Shiny Bright.

With Tearful Eyes I Said with Pride
They're Men of Spirit Pure
Those Men Who Wear Those Mason Rings
Of That You Can Be Sure.

And Before He Went to Bed That Night
The Family He Foretold,
Someday I'll Wear a Ring Like Dad's-
A Square and Compass Gold.

Bro. Strampe is a member and published contributer to The Philalethes Society and to the Wisconsin Masonic Journal. He serves as the Area Administrator (D12 A4) for the Grand Lodge of Wisconsin and holds the Grand Lodge Ritual Proficiency Certification. He is also a member of the Masonic Societas Rosicruciana in Civitatibus Foederatis, College of Wisconsin; and the Royal Order of Scotland, Provincial Grand Lodge and Provincial Grand Chapter of the United States of America.

Letter from Mrs. Ruth Gerus, widow of Bro. John Gerus,
formerly of Olive Temple Lodge No. 557, Tionesta:

I just read the article, "My Father's Ring" and I have to write and tell you the story about my husband's ring. My husband, John and I always had a little vegetable garden in our backyard. We spent quite a bit of time planting and weeding and just sitting in the backyard visiting. About 25 or more years ago, John lost his gold Masonic ring. We just couldn't find it, so I suggested getting another one, which he did.

This spring, I was making a row to put some tomato plants and spied something glistening in the morning sun. I picked up a clump of soil and started to break the soil away and inside was his gold band! I took it into the house and washed it, put it on my finger and have been wearing it ever since.

I tell my children it is some kind of omen and they say, "Yes, Dad wants you to keep planting tomatoes." John and I had a beautiful life together for almost 60 years. He passed away last year at 93. He was always proud to be a Mason and was a wonderful husband and father.
When Masons Help Each Other Anything CAN Happen

May 20, 2007
Dear Brother Ronald Aungst, Sr., R.W. Grand Master

I truly never expected to receive help from the Masonic fraternity, not because I didn't think you wouldn't consider it, but because I didn't think there was any way that you could help me. Well, that certainly doesn't hold true and I was so overwhelmed, emotionally, when I found out there may be a chance of receiving help from you, my wife asked me what happened and if I was all right?

As I stated in my previous letter to you, I had been in touch with the VA and they turned me down two times and ultimately the third time, for help in getting a hitch and scooter lift for our car.

They did give me a fancy walker with hand brakes, etc., but it does not help when out on long excursions with my wife, I just get a lot of back and leg pain when I'm [standing] on them.

I do not wish to bore you with a lot of details; however, I wanted to say, Thank You so very much for the help in securing a hitch and lift for my HP Scooter. It is installed and I have used it already and it works just great. They also installed two new batteries in the scooter.

A very special thanks to you and to Deb Brockman with Masonic Villages for her help and involvement in my situation.

We are in Pennsylvania for a few months to visit our daughter and grandchildren. Thanks to our son, who is a pilot for Continental Airlines, we can fly free on stand-by to get to Pennsylvania. Long drives would be detrimental to my health.

Our heartfelt thanks to all who participated in my financial situation, and to my Lodge No. 106, Williamsport, for their help and concern. May God bless you all.

Louis J. Paulauski, Jr.

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