Volume LIVNovember 2007Number 4

District & Lodge News

Two Family Traditions in One Lodge

Skerrett Lodge No. 343, Cochranville, has a distinct honor of having three blood brothers/Masonic brothers who are all Past Masters: Brothers David L. Tennant, Sr., two-time Past Master; William H. Tennant, Jr., three-time Past Master; and Donald F. Tennant, Past Master (shown left to right in the back row of the photo below).

On Feb. 17, members of Skerrett Lodge No. 343 were pleased and honored to confer the three degrees of Freemasonry on Charles B. Lantz by special dispensation granted by Ronald A. Aungst, Sr. Bro. Lantz is the fifth generation of the Lantz family to become a member of Skerrett Lodge No. 343 and to be raised in the same building as his ancestors. He is shown in the front row of the photo above with his father-in-law, Bro. John C. Evans, II, P.M., who gave all three charges. Each of the Tennant brothers conferred one of his degrees.

The brethren are shown in the newly renovated lodge room, where Skerrett Lodge No. 343 has met continuously since being constituted in July 1862.
William M. Roosevelt, III Reaches 100th Masonic Degree

On May 22, Bro. William M. Roosevelt, III, P.M., member of St. Alban Lodge No. 529, Philadelphia, reached an historic milestone by conferring his 100th Master Mason Degree during an Extra Meeting of Springfield-Hanby Lodge No. 767, Springfield, Pa. With some of the brethren from St. Alban Lodge looking on, he conferred the degree on Bro. James P. Mulvihill, Jr., a member of Springfield-Hanby Lodge.

Bro. Roosevelt conferred his first Master Mason's degree at an Extra Meeting of St. Alban Lodge in February 2001. From there on, he has also assisted when needed at other lodges around the Greater Philadelphia area.

Bro. Roosevelt is also a member of St. Alban Lodge's Masonic Education Committee and is the lodge's Ritualistic Instructor.

Left to Right: Bro. William C. Doty, W.M., St. Alban Lodge No. 529; Bro. Armando M. Duran, W.M., Springfield-Hanby Lodge No. 767; Bro. James P. Mulvihill and Bro. William M. Roosevelt, III, P.M., St. Alban Lodge No. 529.
Helping Hands

Bro. Fred Richards, Sr., P.M., Moscow Lodge No. 504, and his wife, Karen, were out of town visiting their daughter last January when they received a devastating phone call: their house had caught fire! A short circuit in their kitchen range sparked the blaze, and their home and its contents were a total loss. "It was shocking," Bro. Fred Richards, Jr., Moscow Lodge No. 504, said. "Luckily, nobody was home."

It took just a few days for the word to travel to Bro. Richards, Sr.'s lodge. In the tradition of Masons Helping Masons, they wasted no time offering assistance however they could. His Masonic brothers contributed money for food and supplies. One brother donated a dump truck to demolish the remains of the old home. Several others helped with pouring the foundation.

Bro. Matt Capooci, Moscow Lodge No. 504, went above and beyond and assisted the Richards with the purchase of a prefabricated house at a discounted rate. By the second week in June, the house was near completion, and Bro. Richards, Sr., and his wife were settling in.

"He's really the type of person who wouldn't ask you for anything," Bro. Robert Hawk, Worshipful Master, Moscow Lodge No. 504, said.

"They didn't expect it," Bro. Richards, Jr., said. "A lot of people really stepped up. They are very appreciative." The fact that Masons are such benevolent men is one of the reasons Bro. Richards, Sr., joined the fraternity. His father was also involved and now, his three sons and several sons-in-law have become Masons. He recently received his 25-Year Service Award. Prior to being handed a check, he was not aware the lodge was organizing a fund raiser for him, although the gesture did not come as a complete shock.

"It was not a total surprise," he said. "[Masons] are such good people and they do this type of thing all the time. I was impressed with the whole aspect of people coming together to do something for me."
Lodge No. 474 Donates Flag Pole

Coalville Lodge No. 474, Sugar Notch, donated a flag pole to Sugar Notch Boro and held a dedication on Memorial Day 2007. Bro. William A. Davis, Sr., P.M., W.M., served as Master of Ceremonies. The former pole was many years old and in poor condition.
Left to right: Brothers Frank Patts; Dr. Mark Bohn; Wilson Wickiser, P.M.;Carl Fedak, S.W.; PFC Thomas Fedak; William Brandt, District Deputy Grand Master for District 12; William A. Davis, Sr., P.M., W.M.; Joseph Koonrad, J.M.C.; William A. Davis, Jr., P.M.; Gerald George and Christopher Balliet.

Racing to a Clean Finish

Masonic District 24 sponsored the All American Soap Box Derby for the 14th time on Saturday, June 16 in Erie. Lodges within the district provide funding and manpower to run the race for young boys and girls in the area. This year there were 37 young people registered to race. A pre-race banquet was held the night before at St. Mark's Episcopal Church, Erie.

Ossea Lodge Restores Masonic Monument

Discolored, covered with moss and tilting, the Masonic Monument in Wellsboro Cemetery was in desperate need of restoration. Brethren from Ossea Lodge No. 317, Wellsboro, cleaned the monument, seeded, mulched and repainted the background. Bro. Gary Cooper, P.M. of Tioga Lodge No. 373 and owner of Wellsboro Monument Company, removed the monument, dug a new footer 4' deep, poured it with concrete and reset the stone.

The monument was originally dedicated on Dec. 28, 1973.
Left to right: Brothers Richard M. Boyce, P.M., whom, along with the late Ronald Mogush, P.M., transported the monument from its creator three decades ago; Timothy S. McConnell, D.D.G.M. for District 17; Robert B. Reilly, W.M. of Ossea Lodge; and Brad Boyce, Pursuivant, newly raised Mason and grandson of Bro. Richard. Photo by James L. Patterson, P.M.

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