Volume LIVNovember 2007Number 4

Capital Campaign
In June 2004, the Masonic Charities of the R.W. Grand Lodge of Pennsylvania embarked on its first-ever $50 million Capital and Endowment Campaign. The objective of the campaign is to build the endowment for all our Masonic Charities, that in years to come there would be funds to support the needs of our youth, our seniors, our members and our Masonic Temple - those vital programs that ensure Yesterday's Legacy is Tomorrow's Promise.

Many volunteers were involved in the planning stages and today, with the help of additional campaign volunteers, the campaign is about to be rolled out across the state. During the three-year "quiet phase," of this five-year campaign, more than $25 million dollars has been pledged by Masonic leadership, employees of Masonic Charities and generous members and their families. Most recently, the Lodge Phase of the campaign was initiated and is bringing in substantial support from the current and past lodge leaders.

"It is extremely gratifying and encouraging that so many have stepped forward to help lead this campaign as well as support it through financial pledges and gifts," said Ronald A. Aungst, Sr., R.W. Grand Master. "The Grand Lodge Officers and the leadership of our Masonic Charities, as well as the employees of the Masonic Villages, have made considerable contributions already. Now we look forward to gaining the support of our District Deputy Grand Masters before we bring the appeal to our blue lodges."

"Gifts to this campaign will help to enrich our fraternity - assuring a better future for our members and their families and bequeathing a precious legacy for the 21st century and beyond."

Regional committees were organized this past year. These volunteers helped to organize campaign awareness gatherings throughout the state for the purpose of sharing news about Masonic Charities and the upcoming campaign. They are currently working to secure additional gifts and pledges with the goal of reaching the $50 million by 2008.

"The Central Committee has taken much pleasure in the continuing informational receptions at Masonic Village at Elizabethtown to raise awareness of this vital campaign. Many residents recognize that they will be asked to be benefactors of the campaign, and that they will be beneficiaries of it as well. We look forward to meeting with residents in the spring to seek their generous support," said Bro. Fred and Mary Jane Sample of the Central Committee.

Serving on the Capital Campaign Steering Committee are:
Ronald A. Aungst, Sr., R.W.G.M.; Barbara E. Adams, P.G.M.; Kenneth W. Bleiler, P.D.D.G.M.; Bro. Alvin H. Blitz; Bro. Larry R. Christenson; Jeffrey W. Coy, R.W.G.T.; Bro. John W. Dean, III; Bro. James J. DeLuca; Carl R. Flohr, P.M.; Norman A. Fox, P.D.D.G.M.; Stephen Gardner, R.W.D.G.M.; George H. Hohenshildt, R.W.P.G.M.; Thomas W. Jackson, R.W.P.G.S.; Kim W. Jeffreys, P.D.D.G.M.; William L. Kingsbury, D.D.G.M.; Bro. Joseph E. Murphy; Judy A. Rutter, P.G.M.; Bro. Fred and Mary Jane Sample and W. Jack Yates, P.D.D.G.M.

Regional Volunteers Include:
Central Eastern Western
Bro. Kenneth W. P.D.D.G.M.) and Elaine K. Bleiler
Bro. Fred P. and Mary Jane Sample
Bro. Harry E. Hackman, Jr.
William Kingsbury,D.D.G.M.
Bro. Cliff S. Lipkin
Herb Marder, P.M.
Larry D. (P.M.) and Carol Miller
Bro. Don Brainerd
Jean D. Fey
Norma Gentile
Bro. L. Sherwood Lennartson
Sam W. Spanos, D.D.G.M.
For more information about getting involved in the campaign, please call (800) 599-6454.

Pennsylvania Lodge of Research, F.&A.M.
Annual Meeting
Saturday, Dec. 1, 2007, beginning at 10 a.m.
Perry lodge no. 458, Maple Ave & sylvan street, Marysville, PA
All Master Masons are Welcome!

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