Volume LIIINovember 2006Number 4

Bleiler Caring Cottage has Availability!

The Bleiler Caring Cottage is a residential program on the picturesque campus of the Masonic Village at Elizabethtown designed to meet the unique needs of families with individuals who have mild to moderate developmental disabilities. The cottage is home to eight adults, and services include meals, transportation, activities and social events. Other supports include vocational and community services, which enable residents to live independently of their families, develop their potential and lead a fulfilling lifestyle. Residents of the cottage have access to many of the same amenities provided to those in our retirement community, including the extensive outpatient clinics.

The Bleiler Caring Cottage environment encourages families to stay connected. There are several residents of the cottage whose parents are also residents of the Masonic Village or live in the surrounding community.

"Our daughter has been a resident in the Bleiler Caring Cottage since September of 1999. She is very happy and in good health due to the care given to her by the staff. We have been residents of the village since September 2005, and Beth occasionally spends overnights in our apartment. We appreciate the Masons providing a safe and happy home for our daughter." - Mort and Miriam Weiman

We currently have an opening in our home. If you or anyone you know has a loved one who is 18 years or older and may be looking for a caring home for his or her special needs, or would like additional information about this unique program, please call the Outreach Program at 1-800-462-7664.

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