Volume LIIINovember 2006Number 4

PA Job's Daughters: Real Life Learning

The choir members of Bethel 1, York, Pa., pose with costumes and props after performing their novelty number.

The Annual Sessions for Job's Daughters is a time for living larger than life, as the girls brought a lot of joy and fun to Gettysburg in June while they toured, sang, ate and laughed their way through this historic town. Conducting business is the standard order of an annual convention, as is the installation of new Grand Bethel officers. This year it was a bit more exciting as R. W. Grand Master Ronald A. Aungst, Sr., and lady Norma participated in the program. He presented the Grand Lodge sponsored awards and then bestowed the prestigious HODEGOS Award on Bro. Richard D. Snyder, Riverside Lodge No. 503, and Bro. Thomas G. Orris, Zeredatha Lodge No. 451, for more than a decade of outstanding leadership and service to Job's Daughters and Freemasonry. The choir competition is always a highlight of the program, with both mandatory and novelty numbers, and this year the Bethels didn't disappoint with a wide variety of entertaining songs.

An abrupt return to real life marred the laughter and fun of the Annual Sessions by the knowledge that 12-yearold Emily McCleary of York Bethel 1 had collapsed shortly thereafter and was hospitalized at Hershey Medical Center. In just a few days, the entire Job's Daughter family was learning about leukemia and its devastating effect on Emily's body. They also discovered Emily's need for four pints of blood daily, the amazing generosity of the Masonic Blood Club and the need to give regularly to maintain the blood supply. And they continue to learn about the power of prayer and how the thoughts and caring of family and friends are helping Emily slowly get stronger, while sustaining her parents, Jill and Gary. Her daily progress is shared by her mom on www.carepages.com, under the page name, EmilyMcCleary.

In late July, at the Supreme Sessions in Vancouver, B.C., Pennsylvania Job's Daughters were again sharing the high life when they were honored as Erin Duskey of Bethel 19, Camp Hill, was selected to serve as the Supreme Bethel Honored Queen. This is the third time in 20 years that this has come to Pennsylvania (the position was previously held by Emily Grove of Bethel 15, Elizabethtown, 1985-1986, and Danette- Lea Taylor, Bethel 12, Gettysburg, 1987-1988.) Erin will have a multitude of opportunities to learn about Job's Daughters all around the world and will share her story of the great support given to Job's Daughters through the Pennsylvania Masonic Youth Foundation.

The Job's Daughters are looking forward to the Grand Bethel Weekend at the Patton Campus on Nov. 17-19, 2006, and a Volleyball Tournament Jan. 19-21, 2007. Top on their list is a very special Tour and Ritual Exemplification at the Masonic Temple, One North Broad Street, Philadelphia, on March 10, 2007, when they will learn a lot more about their Masonic heritage - of special interest, since a relationship to a Mason is still required for all members of Job's Daughters. All Master Masons and their wives are welcome to join them for this special day, when Grand Master Aungst will host them at the home of the Grand Lodge of Pennsylvania.

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