Volume LIIINovember 2006Number 4

Autumn Day 2006

More than 6,000 Brethren, their family members and friends attended the
Masonic Village at Elizabethtown's annual open house on Saturday, Sept. 30.

Ms. Virginia Migrala, director of children's services (center, holding check) and Ronald A. Aungst, Sr., R.W. Grand Master, (front row, second from right) accept a $5,000 donation from Bro. Raymond Thompson, treasurer of the Chester County Club of Reading Consistory, to be used toward the John T. Gay Memorial Fund Award.

Members of the Zembo minicar unit "wow"ed visitors as they zoomed through the crowds.

Bro. Stephen Gardner, R.W. Deputy Grand Master, and lady Patricia (front, center), enjoy the fellowship of (from left to right) Bro. Charles T. Graham, District Deputy Grand Master for District D; and Bros. earl Kreglow, Guy Herring and Ralph Slider, of Lodge No. 561; and lady Rita Slider.

109 children were CHIP'd during Autumn Day. Below, Anna Eckman, daughter of Glenn Eckman, Joseph H. Brown Lodge No. 751, poses for a photograph in front of the height chart.

Sabrina Newell, granddaughter of Bro. Roger D. Beaston, Lodge No. 443, enjoys some cotton candy compliments of Bro. Dale H. Ott, Lehighton Lodge No. 621.

Briana McCleary, York Assembly No. 92, and Katie Campbell, New Castle Assembly No. 1, find shelter from the rain beneath a "Rainbow" of balloons.

Mei-An Blatchford, granddaughter of Bro. Glen evans, P.M., West Shore Lodge No. 681, Camp Hill, has her face painted by Romaynse Smith, Job's Daughter, Bethel 1, York.

Bro. Allen J. Henninger, P.D.D.G.M., Senior Grand Deacon and member of LaBelle Vallee Lodge No. 232, visits with First Lady Norma and Ronald A. Aungst, Sr., R.W. Grand Master.

Bro. Nat Gilchrist, Lodge No. 43, enjoys Autumn Day with his granddaughter, Makayla.

Bro. Thomas R. Labagh, executive director of the Pennsylvania Masonic Youth Foundation; Bro. Jeffrey W. Coy, R.W. Grand Treasurer; Bro. Samuel C. Williamson, R.W. Past Grand Master and chairman for the Pennsylvania Masonic Youth Foundation; and Thomas K. Sturgeon, R.W. Senior Grand Warden

Zembo Highlanders entertain the crowds.

Bro. Jay W. Smith, R.W. Junior Grand Warden; Mark A. Haines, R.W. Grand Secretary; and Bro. James Boyer, Stichter Lodge No. 254, Pottstown; are "enlightened" by Bro. Benjamin Franklin, as played by Leandra Logan, Grand Worthy Associate Advisor for the Pennsylvania Grand Assembly.

Bro. Steven Wentzel, Robert Burns Lodge No. 464, donates blood with the assistance of Angie Garcia of the Central Pennsylvania Blood Bank. The drive was held to benefit residents of the Masonic Village at elizabethtown.

Zembo Shrine clowns "Stoney" (left) and "Patches" (right) share some laughs with Bro. Julian Richter, Jr., Thomas R. Patton Lodge No. 659, and his father, Julian Richter, Sr., also of Lodge No. 659 and a resident of the Masonic Village at elizabethtown.

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