Volume LIIINovember 2006Number 4

PA Mason Heads National Organization
by Dr. John W. Postlewait, P.M.

Bro. John Groves, member of Harry A. Houseman Lodge No. 717, Bristol, Pa., was installed in July as National President of National Camping Travelers, Inc. Founded in Gettysburg, Pa., by the late Bro. Myron Fox and 21 other Masonic families in 1966, the club provides Master Masons and their families an added opportunity for fun, family-oriented fellowship. The organization also has a club for its junior campers, Youth National Camping Travelers.

Chapters exist in each state and most of the Canadian provinces. Pennsylvania's chapter, as do most of the other states and provinces, schedules a monthly camp out - weather permitting. The national rally in 2007 will be held in York, Pa., where more than 1,100 campers are expected to attend the event.

Additional information can be obtained at the NCT Web site at www.gonct.org or by contacting the NCT at P.O. Box 757, Newton, AL 36352.

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