Volume LIIINovember 2006Number 4

Freemasons & Patriotism Go Hand-in-Hand

Landmark Lodge No. 442 hosted a special Patriotic Flag Day Stated Meeting with more than 100 Masons present and a Table Lodge with more than 80 Brethren in attendance. The award-winning Irem Shrine Chanters entertained the crowd.

First row, left-right: Brethren Glenn W. Ryman, Merle B. Baker, Thomas I. Myers, John H. Michael, David W. Pugh, John G. Amory, Ronald D. Tremayne. Second row, left-right: Carl C. Coates, William H. Lamoreux, Jr., David D. Burgess, Ralph F. Hodgson, Richard J. Myers. Third row, left-right: Lloyd A. Warneka, Allan R. Rose, Gordon Roberts, Carl H. Kretchmer, Norman W. Evans, Thomas M. Sarnoski.

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