Volume LIIINovember 2006Number 4

Masons Helping Masons
Going to Great Lengths to Present Service Awards to Deserving Brethren...
...and to Raise Good Men Who Wish to Serve

The Grand Lodge of India requested assistance in presenting a 50-Year Long Term Service Jewel and Certificate to Bro. T.K. Desai, P.M. (2004) of Radiance Lodge No. 116, Mumbai, India, as soon as possible, due to his critical health condition.

On June 27, in Ohio Valley General Hospital, McKees Rocks, Pa., Bro. John H. Petricko, District Deputy Grand Master for the 47th Masonic District, made the presentation along with John M. Daniels, Oakdale Lodge No. 669, members of Bro. Desai's immediate family and several hospital staff members.

Although critically ill, in advanced years and confined to a hospital bed, this proud and honorable brother was insistent that he wear a suit coat, dress shirt, tie and his Masonic Apron and Collar for this presentation.

Masons Helping Masons, whether it be across the state or around the world, is truly an honor - especially in times such as this.

When the officers of Pulaski Lodge No. 216 in Pottsville, Pa., were notified that a brother was very ill and near death, they responded quickly to ensure that he received his 50-year service emblem. Bro. Franklin Runkle, P.M., of Pottsville, was to receive his 50-year emblem at the lodge's anniversary celebration in September, but it was feared that he might not survive until that time due to a lengthy illness. Eight brethren from the lodge and District Deputy Grand Master for District 11, Carl F. Berger, presented Bro. Runkle with his emblem on June 24, 2006, at his home. Bro. Runkle was elated to receive his emblem, and displayed on whatever clothing he wore until he passed away one week later.

In support of our country's military servicemen, Palestine- Roxborough Lodge No. 135 occasionally offers a special one-day initiation for those brave men who wish to become Masons but are under time constraints, upon recommendation by the District Deputy Grand Master and approval by the Grand Master.

Most recently, on April 15, 2006, 2nd Class Petty Officer Robert G. Boone, III, and Marine PFC Paul J. Feigel, Jr., were entered, passed and raised to the degree of Master Mason. Bro. Boone is stationed at Norfolk, Va., and is a fifth generation member of the fraternity. Bro. Feigel is stationed at Camp Lejeune, N.C., and is a third generation member.

Front row, left-right: Bros. Captain Harry R. Feigel, Jr.; PFC Paul J. Feigel, Jr.; 2nd Class Petty Officer Robert G. Boone, iii; Robert G. Boone, Sr., P.D.D.G.M.; and Robert G. Boone, Jr. Second row, left-right: Bros. Richard A. Heath, S.W.; Paul J. Feigel, Sr., W.M.; and Donald S. Harwick, J.W.

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