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Get Ready for Masonic Village at Sewickley!

If you were to survey the more than 230 retirement living residents at Masonic Village at Sewickley, about 90 percent of them likely will tell you they wish they would have moved sooner. And yet each day the marketing team hears the phrase, "I'm just not ready yet," from those who have not yet decided to make the move.

sew2So, what is it that they're not ready for? Health care security? Eliminating home maintenance? Developing friendships? Spending more free time pursuing interests?

While younger retirees are now choosing retirement community living, there are still some who feel they need to wait until some type of health change limits their mobility. The reality is that the sooner they join a community, the sooner they can enjoy the many benefits.

Masonic Village at Sewickley offers two restaurants, a large indoor pool, jacuzzi, fitness center, woodworking shop, computer center, art studio and miles of walking trails. Life that is as active or serene as you want it to be.

sewMasonic Village at Sewickley provides a full lifecare agreement, which allows residents to continue paying at the same monthly rate structure even if they should some day need assisted living or nursing care services.

If you think you are "just not ready," you owe it to yourself to see what retirement community living has to offer. For information or a personal tour, contact the marketing team at (866) 872-0664 or print this page and return the coupon.

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