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rwgs2A Great Day for Freemasonry!

What a great success our Man to Mason One Day Adventure has been, and our program is not over yet ­ it continues until the end of December. You still have time to make a difference by Sharing the Light with one whom you believe possesses the qualities for membership.

Remember, that for membership in our Fraternity the man must ask you to be part of this great organization. Please use the ASK! or Friend to Friend brochures when you believe that he is a good man who wants to be better.

Our 13 site locations were swelled with new Candidates that we can now all call Brothers.

All of the site locations were supported from our membership by participation as Mentors and observers of this great event.

As with all of us, our Fraternity has always been proud that our membership comes from all walks of life with different political and religious beliefs still meeting together in harmony as friends.

The addition of these new members will provide us with future officers and new ideas needed within our lodges for the benefit of Freemasonry.

We ask you to continue to Share the Light by supporting Brother William Slater II, R.W. Grand Master, with his continued endeavors to strengthen Pennsylvania Freemasonry.

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