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State Police Degree Team Confers Master Mason Degree
by Robert F. Lynch, Secretary
Azalea Fellowship Lodge No. 687

On April 20, area Freemasons gathered at the Masonic Temple on Wyoming Street as Corporal Michael T. Sniscak III of Troop N, Pennsylvania State Police, Hazelton, received the Master Masons degree in Freemasonry and became a full member of Azalea Fellowship Lodge No. 687.

The Pennsylvania State Troopers degree team (bearing no official affiliation with the Pennsylvania State Police) consisted of Cpl. John Madison, P.M., of Quakertown, conferring Master; Sgt. Homer Jones, P.M. of Pocono Lodge No. 780, Senior Warden, and Trooper Dean Deem of Tamaqua Lodge No. 238, Junior Warden. Cpl. John Richards, who coordinated the event, was Cpl. Sniscak's Guide.

The other State Police who assisted in the Degree Work were Troopers Dick Armbrust, Robert Caprari, Mark Michael, and Thomas Getz. The Troopers conducted themselves with characteristic dignity, respect, aplomb, and professionalism, as was particularly conveyed by Bro. Homer Jones when he delivered The Charge at Raising.

Several of the degree team members journeyed from as far as the Allentown, Bethlehem, Quakertown, and Wilkes-Barre areas.

The solemnity and profundity associated with conferring a Master Mason Degree was underscored in the closing ceremony as Cpl. John Richards presented a Bible to the newly made Master Mason. The soliloquy, threaded with State Police themes, was delivered with eloquence and passion by Cpl. Richards.

Thus was Cpl. Michael T. Sniscak welcomed as a Master Mason that night.

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