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Together we've made history by successfully orchestrating the largest One Day Man to Mason Adventure to date. The 3,000 of you who have joined our Masonic family on October 2, as well as the 2,500 additional candidates who have chosen the traditional process, have embarked on one of the most important and rewarding journeys you will ever experience. Brethren, our membership has grown by five percent already this year, and it's not over yet!

The top location for the One Day Adventure was Pittsburgh with 738 new members, including 700 raised to the 32nd degree with approximately 800 who became Shrine Masons. The second was Harrisburg with 621 new members, including 437 achieving the 32nd degree and 229 continuing on to the Shrine. The top five Districts with new members are Masonic Districts 12, 60, 47, 55 and 20.

oneday2You should be proud! If your lodge has not reached its goal yet, the good news is that the initiative continues through December 31, 2004. Keep membership on the forefront of your minds as we rejuvenate and strengthen this great Fraternity with new members, new ideas and new leaders.

We were honored to be joined by
Shrine dignitaries such as the Imperial Recorder, who visited many sites around the Commonwealth on October 2.


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