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A Festive Holiday Gala Sharing the Light

The Grand Lodge of Pennsylvania invites you to participate in a special black-tie Gala celebration, "Sharing the Light," on December 4, 2004, at the magnificent Masonic Temple in Philadelphia.

Proceeds from the evening will benefit the Children's Identification Program (CHIP), a safety measure designed for children, parents and families.

This will be the first time the Temple will be open for a Gala evening event, guests are welcome to explore and enjoy its intrigue and history. Tours of the Temple will amaze and enlighten guests and give everyone a glimpse into the Masonic World.

chipCHIP is the most comprehensive service of its kind anywhere and is provided free of charge. Through the use of new technology of digital imaging, a child's vital information can be recorded and packaged in a special kit for parents for safekeeping. Should the need arise, this packet can be handed to any law enforcement agency and the information can be retrieved and shared with other agencies in an effort to locate a missing child. Demand for CHIP has been astounding! The funds raised at this event will be used to purchase the necessary materials.

This is strictly a volunteer program and members of the Blue Lodges throughout Pennsylvania volunteer their time and services.

The PA Masonic Foundation for Children sponsors numerous programs benefiting our children. Many of you will be familiar with D.A.R.E., another program brought into the schools with the help of the Children's Foundation.

With the aid of funding raised at the "Sharing the Light Gala", it is anticipated that well over 300,000 Pennsylvania children will be able to be identified.

Contributions are tax-deductible.

The Gala will be spectacular! An evening of beautiful music, including a Quintet from members of the Philadelphia Orchestra, and delicious food will accompany the guests as they wander though the colorful and mysterious Masonic Temple. Learn the origins of this organization and how it evolved to become one of the most prominent philanthropic organizations in the world.

The magnificent Halls will be open for tours and a pre-dinner concert by the Philadelphia Boys Choir will be held in the stunning Corinthian Hall. Of course, there will be both a silent and exciting live auction.

Get a group together from your Lodge and call for reservations. Charter a bus and solicit Community leaders for ticket sales. It will be a great evening!

Please call Linda August 610-660-8550 for questions or additional information.

Click here for more on the Sharing the Light Holiday Spectacular.


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