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Victorian Funeral Reenactment Honors 150 year old Allentown Cemetery

On August 28, an 1857 Masonic Funeral Service was reenacted by Jordan-Martin Lodge No. 673 at the 150th Anniversary Celebration of the Union & West End Cemetery in Allentown. The service was part of a Victorian Funeral complete with horse-drawn hearse and Civil War reenactors and mourners. The Lodge was dressed in the required dress of the period and wearing Barger Lodge No. 333 aprons, as that was the only Lodge in Allentown in the 1860's. Bro. James A. Stewart, P.M., exemplified the service. Bro. Carl J. Willis, W.M., is in profile on the left. To his right is Bro. Charles S. Canning, P.M., President of the Cemetery and organizer of the event. The casket was on loan from the Valley of Allentown and the pall bearers hailed from Allentown DeMolay and Boy Scout Troop 25, Emmaus.

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