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Bro. Eugene K. Mansdoerfer, 92, receives prestigious Daniel Beard Masonic Scouting Award

beardIn June, at the last meeting of Covenant-Excelsior Lodge No. 456, (now William L. Elkins Lodge 271) Bro. Eugene K. Mansdoerfer was awarded the Daniel Beard Masonic Scouting Award for serving scouting for over 80 years. The award was presented by Bro. Robert J. Taylor, DDGM, District "B".

Bro. Mansdoerfer's daughter writes: On August 4, my dad celebrated his 92nd Birthday. He has been active in Scouting for over 80 years. He was a Scoutmaster for about 42 years ­ served on troop committees and is still the Scout I.R. for the Widener Memorial Boy Scout Troop. The only fully disabled Scout troop in the Cradle of Liberty District. He has received various Scouting Awards including the Silver Beaver Scouting Medal, member of the Order of the Arrow for life, and honored by the Widener Memorial school in Philadelphia as "Man of the Year." His grandson David Vogler is an Eagle Scout, his Grandson Ronald Pleis, Jr. is Scoutmaster of St. William Boy Scout Troop No. 563 in Philadelphia. His son-in-law Ronald Pleis, Sr. was Scout Master of former Troop No. 23 which was Eugene's Troop and his great grandson, Kyle Pleis will be receiving Eagle Scout this year.

So you can see why I am so proud of him. My mother, Elizabeth (Betty) recently passsed away on August 1, 2004 after they had celebrated their 70th wedding anniversary on June 2, 2004. She was always there by his side in Scouting even though they never had sons only two daughters.

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