Veteran Brethren at Masonic Homes Interviewed for WWII Documentary

Fourteen residents of the Masonic Homes at Elizabethtown were interviewed recently for a World War II documentary being produced by the Pennsylvania Cable Network (PCN) for telecasting over the Thanksgiving holiday weekend.

The production staff has been traveling across Pennsylvania since January to interview veterans of World War II individually. Each interview is approximately 45 minutes in length, with each veteran sharing his memories and experiences from the war, including photos and other memorabilia. PCN producer Jolene Risser noted, "It is important that this film be done now. This part of our history should never be forgotten, and who better to tell it than those who were there."

Brethren participating include:

Army ­ Nathan B. Butz, Cressona Lodge No. 222; Ferree C. Grossman, Keystone Lodge No. 569, Parkesburg; Richard N. Manley, Robert Burns Lodge No. 464, Harrisburg; Paul R. Miller, George Washington Lodge No. 143, Chambersburg; John Sultzbaugh, Ashlar Lodge No. 570, Lykens; and Walter A. Young, Saucon Lodge No. 469, Coopersburg.

Army Air Force ­ Franklin Betz, Reading Lodge No. 549 (formerly Puritan Lodge No. 740 now merged with Reading); Jerry F. Edgerton II (Ret. Col., USAF), Robert Burns Lodge No. 464, Harrisburg; and William L. Frankhouser, Howell Lodge No. 405, Honey Brook.

Marine Corps - John W. Berglund, Covenant-Excelsior Lodge No. 456, Philadelphia; Alvin L. Leisey, Jr., Howell Lodge No. 405, Honey Brook; and Raymond R. Miller, George Bartram Paul Sand Lodge No. 298, Media.

Navy - William M. Bright, Harrisburg Lodge No. 629, and Todd Ebner, Prospect Lodge No. 578, Prospect Park.

There are many other veterans at the Masonic Homes who volunteered to be interviewed for the documentary; however, they were not available on the dates when the PCN crew visited the campus.