Volume LVIOctober 2009Number 3

I'm a Dues Prayer
Written by Robert L. Dluge, Jr., R.W.P.G.M. 2000-2001

I'm a dues payer,
That's what I'm called.
I belong to a fraternity,
But don't get involved.
It fits really nice,
What do the symbols mean?
I better think twice.
We meet once a month,
That's what the notices still say,
But its so long since I've been there,
I don't get out that way.
It's not that it's far,
I pass it all the time,
But I've got things more important,
There's things that are mine.
There's football, there's basketball, baseball and more,
Those things that are close to the refrigerator door.
The TV, the VCR, the movies with gore,
I don't know who could want more.
My friends, my Brothers,
The obligations I took,
Once meant something to me,
But lately I don't give them a second look.
You see I'm a dues payer.
That's what I am.
I'm proud to belong,
But wouldn't lend a hand.
But be there when I need you, my brother, my friend.
You may not recognize me,
But of your hand, I may need a lend.
Let the "powers that be" run the show,
I'm too much on the go.
There's not enough time or money right now for me,
See me later,
Maybe when I'm 83.
Take a look in the mirror,
Are these things you say?
If so, reconsider and without delay.
For if you don't,
You can only blame yourself,
And all others like you who sit on the shelf.
Yes, you're a dues payer,
That's what you are,
Get involved and give yourself to your fraternity,
'Cause it won't last through eternity.

Entered, Passed and Raised While on Mid-Tour Leave from Iraq

Left-right: Brothers Michael C. Snyder, S.W.; Kenneth E. King; and Scott A. Felentzer, W.M.

On the evening of May 6, members of Marion Lodge No. 562, Connellsville, were pleased to confer the three degrees in Freemasonry on LTC Kenneth E. King, Commander, 306th Military Police Battalion. A dispensation to confer the degrees on the same day was granted by R.W. Grand Master Stephen Gardner. Bro. King was home on a two-week leave from his duties at Camp Bucca, Iraq. Bro. Scott A. Felentzer, W.M., conferred the Entered Apprentice Mason degree and Bro. Michael C. Snyder, S.W., conferred the Fellow Craft and Master Mason degrees. Following the degrees, several presentations were made, including a U.S. Flag which had flown over Camp Bucca in Iraq. In addition, Bro. King was presented with a letter from R.W. Grand Master Gardner, recognizing his sacrifice and thanking him for his service to our country, along with a "Change for the Troops" calling card.

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