Volume LVIOctober 2009Number 3

June Quarterly Communication of the Grand Lodge of PA

The Grand Lodge Quarterly Communication was held June 20, 2009, at the Masonic Temple in Philadelphia with 212 members and one visitor from another Jurisdiction attending.

In addition to a Resolution to amend the "Ahiman Rezon," described on page 6, a petition was received to Warrant a new lodge in Macungie to be named Lehigh Valley Day Lodge No. 813 (read more about this on p. 15).

To celebrate the completion of the recent conservation project, the Masonic Temple in Philadelphia was rededicated to Freemasonry. Congratulatory letters and a citation were received from Bro. Ed Rendell, Governor of Pennsylvania, the U.S. Senate and the Senate of Pennsylvania.

R.W. Grand Master Stephen Gardner was presented with a flag that was flown in 40 missions in Iraqi combat territory in honor of Pennsylvania Freemasonry, a display of gratitude for the fraternity's support of the troops fighting overseas.

Contributions were received for the Masonic Temple Initiative, the "Change for the Troops" program, the Masonic Library and Museum of Pennsylvania, the Pennsylvania Masonic Youth Foundation and the Masonic CHIP program.

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