by Donald L. Albert, R.W. Grand Secretary

Your Masonic Lodge is looking for its members to accept the role of a leader in our Fraternity. The Lodge, in most instances, is composed of some members who have proven capacities for leadership and others who may have had little training or experience in any role of the type that is needed within your Lodge.

To be a Worshipful Master of your Lodge, you must organize the plans for your term in office, envision the obstacles you might face, and observe areas that you will want to develop or set aside. Obviously, your planning must start before your term as Worshipful Master. By doing that, you will enjoy your term as Worshipful Master, and the Lodge will benefit from your foresight.

Providing your fellow Lodge officers with assignments will establish teamwork, as well as prepare them for their term in office. That also will allow you to focus on the overall workings of your Lodge meetings, and the Lodge will benefit from your leadership.

As Worshipful Master, you may delegate to other Lodge Officers the authority and responsibility for performing assignments; but you are ultimately responsible for all that happens during the year of your term in office as its presiding officer.

When you volunteer, you then are a Mason with a job to do. Please consider being a Lodge Officer ­ either as an elected or an appointed capacity. Any of your Lodge Officers would be pleased to talk with you about your future as an Officer.

Your Masonic Lodge needs Lodge Officers! Are you the one who will stand up and be counted for the future of your Fraternity?