pledge3We stand together united as Masonic brothers all across the world, our nation, our Commonwealth, and our lodge. We pledge that we will do all in our power to uphold the honors and virtues of Freemasonry. We will support our country and its leaders; we will care for our family and offer prayers to God for our nation and its people. We will respond in charity and through our time and resources to do all we can to help the victims, their families and those who have been touched by the cowardice of terrorism. We will reach out in strength to lead our communities and to bond together that all may see the ideals of our Fraternity. We remember our pledge and obligation that we swore for each other when we began our journey in Masonry and we renew our commitment together now. May God strengthen us and keep us in His grace.

God Bless America!

The images on this page were taken at a service held during Autumn Day at the Masonic Homes at Elizabethtown.


Our Prayer of Vigil