On Sept. 11 our world changed. The safety and peace we have known are in peril.

In the face of it, there is an outpouring of patriotism, unity, courage and faith. Because of the tragedies, there are brethren and their families and friends and neighbors in the community who have suffered losses and may need help.

The Masonic Homes Outreach Program is there to help. John F. Suchanec, the Outreach Director, re-emphasizes that the Program assists American families in finding the providers of the services that they need to help put their lives back together. Outreach may provide financial assistance to Pennsylvania Masonic families who have been hurt by the blasts and rippling effects of the awful day in September.

Bro. Suchanec said that you might not have been touched personally by the events of Sept. 11, but you might know someone who was hurt or a family who has lost a father, mother, son, or daughter in the tragedy.

If you are in need or know anyone who needs help, call 1 (800) 462-7664.