Most of you are aware that our Grand Lodge has been developing a Membership Computer Program to aid our Grand Lodge and blue lodges.

I am pleased to inform you that after much hard work and delays we have been successful in releasing a new state-of-the-art means of communications system to the lodge secretaries. At this time, the system allows your lodge secretary to correct lodge members' addresses, phone numbers, other pertinent membership information directly into the Grand Lodge system. As we continue to enhance and move forward with this system, features will be added which will provide greater usage for all participants.

Your District Deputy Grand Master has been provided access to the system. That will help him in his role as the Grand Master's representative to communicate information between Grand Lodge and your lodge in a timely manner.

We also are developing ways for lodge officers and other Masonic members to interface with this system. We anticipate the completion of this activity prior to 2001.

All of this interface activity is conducted via the Internet, using an ISP (Internet Service Provider) and is available to you, personally, for a low monthly fee and a financial return to your lodge for your usage. When you install the ISP, you will be required to provide a credit card number and indicate your lodge number by using the pull-down screen, then follow the easy steps to log-on to our Grand Lodge web site, «». ISP access to the Internet also can be made available to non-Masonic users. In addition, ISP can be used as a membership tool, since it takes you directly to the Grand Lodge web site to view all categories included in this web site.

Please ask your lodge secretary for additional information regarding obtaining access to the Grand Lodge ISP to utilize the web site. Also, please share any comments or questions you may have directly with your lodge secretary. At this time, approximately 50 percent of the lodge secretaries are utilizing the Membership Computer Program and we hope to be at 100 percent participation in the near future.