scout1In mid-August, Thomas J. Miller, Jr., D.D.G.M., Masonic District A in Philadelphia (center), along with four past masters, presented a check for $14,000 in support of camping activities at the Cradle of Liberty Council's three Scout Reservations to Camp Director Frank Hollick (left). The project was developed by Robert Campitti, S.W., Equity Lodge No. 591 (right). These funds are to enable the construction of a special activity center, complete a maintenance road, and refurbish an archery range at Resica Falls Scout Reservation in the Marshall's Creek area where more than 3,800 youths camped this Summer. While at the Scout reservation for the presentation, Joseph Levy, P.M., added to the value of the contribution and involvement of Masons by volunteering to assist in the design of the activity center. Those projects are to be completed for next year's camping season.

Also, it was recognized that the Council's Musser Scout Reservation near Quakertown needs a C.O.P.E. activity center where young men and boys can develop team participation and confidence-building skills. The Council's third camp is Treasure Island Scout Reservation. D.D.G.M. Miller hopes that other area lodges will join in helping to meet the large council's needs and has offered to provide information about the program to anyone who contacts him at (215) 675-6763.

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