West Shore Lodge No. 681 and Lowther Manor Lodge No.781, both in Camp Hill, joined together with Masonic Matching Charity Grants to contribute $2,000 to help rebuild and equip "The Lion's Den," a children's playground in the Camp Hill Borough Park named for the community's sports mascot. To fund the project, the Camp Hill Recreation Board sold multi-colored bricks for a sidewalk and play area. The two lodges purchased a large area of bricks which has been overlaid and inscribed with a square and compasses emblem and identifies "Freemasons of Camp Hill." To one side of the logo is the identification for Camp Hill Lodge and to the other side for Lowther Manor Lodge. Inscribed above the lodge names are the words, "God" and "Family" and below, "Charity" and "Community." When the playground was dedicated in June, S. Berne Smith, W.M., Lowther Manor Lodge, represented all of the Masons of the community.

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