medalDuring World War I, many lodges presented to their members who served in the military bronze or silver identification medallions, or what might be considered early day "dog tags." There are several of them preserved at the Masonic Library and Museum of Pennsylvania in Philadelphia.

One of them presented by lodges in Allegheny County is an attractive, heavy-duty, 1 3/8th-inch circular bronze medal with the following raised artwork and lettering:

The face (obverse) of the coin displays a majestic spread-winged eagle perched atop a scroll. The eagle and scroll are above the Master Mason's square and compasses with the letter "G," which are flanked by olive branches and backed by a sunburst. Arced around the upper two-thirds of the perimeter of the coin are the words, "FREE AND ACCEPTED MASONS OF PENNA." Arced on the bottom third of the perimeter is the identification of "ALLEGHENY COUNTY."

Encircling the perimeter of the reverse of the coin is the direction, "IN CASE OF EMERGENCY NOTIFY MASONIC TEMPLE, PITTSBURGH, PA, USA." The center of the reverse provides for the vital information wherein the name of the Mason and the number of his lodge would be engraved. The wording is: "BROTHER (Name) MEMBER OF LODGE No. (Lodge Number) WITH THE UNITED STATES EXPEDITIONARY FORCES."

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