551Again, the 55th Masonic District came away with the trophies and the American Arthritis Foundation in western Pennsylvania was the big winner of the seventh annual Greater Pittsburgh Mini-Grand Prix Race. This marked the third consecutive year that the District has won the award as the largest contributor.
There were 21 cars on the starting line and two of them were from the Masonic District, one identified with the number "55"and the other with "2-B-1." After they passed the checkered flag, the 55th Masonic District came away with a collection of trophies: first place overall race champion; the Mini-Grand Prix championship, and the second best decorated car. But, the major award won by the District ­ the one the brethren consider the most important of all ­ is the plaque for the highest amount of contributions. The District was responsible for contributions of $8,500 this year from the lodges, including a Masonic Matching Charity grant, and from some individuals in western Pennsylvania.
Late news was reported announcing that during the first week of September, the 55th District Masonic Race Team won the "Never-Quit Cart Award" at another Arthritis Foundation Mini-Grand Prix in Harrisburg. That was a particularly exciting event because the winning racer had its axle bent in the first race; however, the race crew worked diligently to repair it and have the cart back on the track for the final race.

Want to keep up with the achievements of the 55th Masonic District's seven-year old race team? They have their own web site «http://www.Masonicraceteam.org». (Photos - video still courtesy of Nathan Fullerton.)

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