Chairman Thomas W. Jackson, R.W. Past Grand Secretary, announced that the next session of the Academy of Knowledge will be March 17, 2001, in the Masonic Conference Center on the Patton Campus, Elizabethtown. It will feature the topic "Religion and Freemasonry," highlighted by two renowned Masonic experts and clergymen, Neville B. Cryer and Gary Leazer. A question and answer period will follow each speaker.

Bro. Cryer, a noted English Masonic author, is the General Director of the British and Foreign Bible Society, a Prestonian Lecturer, and recipient of numerous Masonic honors. Dr. Leazer, an ordained Southern Baptist minister, is the founder and president of the Center for Interfaith Studies, Inc. He is the author of two books concerning the Southern Baptist controversy with Freemasonry. In addition, Bro. Leazer is a member of the steering committee of the Masonic Information Center, Silver Spring, MD.

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